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Oh well, some complications with tagging and slideshows: zannel doesn’t send all needed tags to flickr tags, the rest words except “mixedbodies” and “narrativeecology” (tags in zannel) are spread to photo titles and descriptions (in flickr).ย  By the way it’s possible to organize photos into separate slideshows by searching for keywords (f.e. mixedbodies AND arm). But then the slideshow doesn’t work ๐Ÿ˜€ maybe there’s the simpler way or other photosharing sites…

Another strange thing that some untagged photos are automatically added to particular set.


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Saturday Foot

Tired part of the weekend, originally uploaded by olja levistova.

Tired part of the weekend, walking in old town after the party

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Narrative Ecology II

Hi! I created this blog just for narrative Ecology experiment. The previous one was going in my “imke studies”. Check it here.

It became very bigย  interest for me, cause it’s just what I’m researching for my master thesis.

As in previous projects there were less people on images I came up with the idea of new narrative using parts of bodies in urban environment and trace the dimension of urban hybrid being, thus research how different people perceive and participate. For this experiment common tag besides #narrativeecology isย  mixedbodies and then for particular images – head, foot, torso, arm. In flickr you can easily organise photos in a batch (rotate, add tags, geo location to all needed pictures at once and send them to the group sets ๐Ÿ˜‰ However it would be great to do it right from the mobile, but I don’t know how. At least to Zannel you can send pics from mobile with tags I hope.Also i discovered this plugin feature that connects Zannel to Blog but still trying to make it happen.

The flickr group is created and you are welcome to add your body parts.

Also knowing the results I’ll try to concentrate more on some new options of the system like using Zannel, facebook, maybe embed sounds, mapping, stimulate the collaboration, etc.

Additionally I found such sites as MyBlogLog (that seems to be like feed reader available to everyone and it’s little bit “scary” ๐Ÿ˜€ cause it displays all kinds of your social profiles on one page but still fun while you not publicate much private information) and Noovo Social sites that I haven’t mangaed to investigate well yet, but it seems they might be used in our new narrative system.

List of tools

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