Mixed Bodies is Collaborative Web Sculpture of urban being constantly changing, hiding and showing itself. It’s a kind of observation of our bodies in the city.

The main idea of this experiment is to take pictures, upload them to your accounts, tag them, join the group, add them to group and see result here: http://www.hot.ee/mixedbodies/

HOW TO USE: you need at least your mobile phone, photo or video camera and flickr account. You can also use photos that you already have on your Flickr.

PS: If you want you can also use some other social tools like zannel.com, brightkite.com, ping.fm

They help with tagging, geo-tagging, and sending photos right from your mobile.

TAGGING: you choose how you mark your photo! You have 4 options

1.         #mixedbodies head

2.         #mixedbodies foot

3.         #mixedbodies torso

4.         #mixedbodies arm

Or for more exact result 😉

#mixedbodies head

#mixedbodies right foot

#mixedbodies torso

#mixedbodies right arm

#mixedbodies head

#mixedbodies left foot

#mixedbodies torso

#mixedbodies left arm



It’s a kind of Surveillance of bodies in the city or it can be called Sousveillance. The idea came out from the topic of my master thesis: surveillance as entertainment where surveillance is considered from positive point of view. Also this is influenced by Plektrum 2009 and Media Artists Union’s Exhibition “Transparent Generation”. This project is not about involving complicated programs and coding, but just uses SOCIAL WEB tools. It is for those who is interested in creating art with this environment, to show themselves and perhaps to show how they are visually changing during the week :). This project is also research project for master thesis and the main aim is to analyze the new social aspects of people behavior and art creating.

Environment you are in:

Exampl of using microblogging: http://www.zannel.com/Levistova1?public_preview=true

The technical aim is to figure out how to make all the data flow an automatic process without wasting time on duplicating it in different profiles and find out new tools for more creativity…



IMKE, Tallinn University


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