GIVE IT A TRY: The main idea of this experiment is to take pictures, upload them to your accounts, tag them, join the group, add them to group and see result here:

HOW TO USE: you need at least your mobile phone, photo or video camera and flickr account. You can also use photos that you already have on your Flickr.

PS: If you want you can also use some other social tools like,,

They help with tagging, geo-tagging, and sending photos right from your mobile.

Step 1 take picture of different body parts
Step 2 upload them to your flickr account
Step 3 tag them
Step 4 add them to group


TAGGING: you choose how you mark your photo! You have 4 options

#mixedbodies head
#mixedbodies right foot
#mixedbodies torso
#mixedbodies right arm

#mixedbodies head
#mixedbodies left foot
#mixedbodies torso
#mixedbodies left arm


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